Flinke Soep

Ever since the early nineties, restaurant Zeezicht from Breda serves their very own tomato soup. The soup, which is made from a strictly secret recipe, had always been a favourite on the menu. Guests where so enthusiastic about the tomato-packed delight that Zeezicht, after years of experimenting and fine tuning the recipe, decided to turn their product into a brand. The soup would still be available on the menu, but guests would have the possibility to buy it in a canned version and enjoy it at home as well.

To market the soup, the first thing it needed was a catchy name. And that’s when Thunder&Bold came into play. The soup had always been known for being packed with healthy vegetables and fresh tomatoes, making it a meal for winners. This was something we wanted to incorporate in the name. A brainstorm session resulted in maybe hundred names with matching taglines. After a thorough review with the owners of Zeezicht, the soup was eventually given the name Flinke Soep, which is Dutch for sturdy soup.

Based on this concept, we worked out a typographic brand identity. The bold lettering captured the concept of the brand and was applied to packaging and promotional items. Easy does it sometimes!

Photography by Pepper Jelly.

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