NK Skateboarden

The Dutch skateboarding championship is an annual happening in which the best skateboarders of the Netherlands compete for the gold medal. The event is split in in two categories: one dedicated to street skateboarding and one dedicated to miniramp skateboarding.

We were stoked to be part of this big project. Especially since it came out that skateboarding would be one of the sports to be added to the list for the Tokyo Olympics of 2020. This was a great deal for the skate sport and it gave a big boost to the Dutch championships, which would become the biggest edition of the event ever to take place. The 2016 championships even featured a course specifically designed and build for this one contest only, giving every contestant the same change to win the title.

Our aim would be to design a style that could easily be translated to different promotional and communicative items. The previous editions of the event would always use a photo of a skateboarder in action, which to us would not always be functional. Instead, we went for a graphic approach: sharp typography, illustrative elements and a recognisable colour scheme based on the Dutch flag. We worked out two different eye-catching visuals, one of a street skateboarder and one of a miniramp, to separate the two categories. Our design approach enabled us to design a full package of recognisable items, ranging from posters and merchandise, to program booklets and on-site branding of the course. 

Photography by Parlor and Benjamin Hull.
Film by Flatspot and On The Roll.

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