Pier15 Skatepark

Pier15 is the local skatepark of our hometown Breda. Besides being a top-notch skate facility, Pier15 has risen to become a cultural hotspot, providing their guests with shows, exhibitions and various cultural happenings. Situated on the end of the Belcrum shore, next to the city beach, we decided to implement a harbor element in their identity.

Being the first indoor skatepark in the city of Breda, which the Pier15 team is very proud of, we decided that the identity should also incorporate a visual link to our city. The final logo contains a visual that combines an anchor with the three crosses of Breda.

The identity was applied to various items, ranging from subscription cards and skateboards, to a complete merchandise line with sweaters, t-shirts and caps. We we’re also responsible for all the signings in and around the park. And we are very proud of the chalk menu boards in the canteen!

Photography by Max Frenchfries and Parlor.

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