Blind Walls Gallery

Blind Walls Gallery is an initiative of Graphic Design Festival Breda and the city of Breda. With a shared goal to spice up the city landscape, they invite artists and designers to contribute their creative work on ‘blind walls’ all around town. With all the works combined, the Blind Walls Gallery collection represents stories about the history, present and future of Breda.

The blind wall that we were assigned to is located in the Burgemeester van Sonsbeeck park. This park, which incorporates a lot of water streams, is known for its swampy character. When during the latest financial crisis there was no money left to maintain the park, locals decided to join forces. Ever since, they keep the park clean together, plant flowers and built places for kids to play and learn about nature. And when inspiration can sometimes be difficult to find, we we’re listening to Jimi Hendrix’s Rainy Day which completely captured the story of the park. Our mural is inspired on the lyrics of this song.

Photography by Parlor.
Film by Locus Design.

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