Together with animation studio Animate the World, we have been working on a campaign to promote food truck festival Bumperkluiven.

We have always been thrilled to see the amount of effort that is put in the visual aspects of food trucks. Especially on a festival, were a whole bunch of food trucks compete to each other in a small area, we notice food trucks paying almost as much attention to the their visual presence, as to the actual quality of their food. It makes us feel like kids in a candy shop! What better way to promote a food truck festival than by showcasing the food trucks themselves?

Instead of using plain imagery, we decided to build three dimensional food trucks out of paper. We designed and build five different papercraft food trucks that would be the hero’s in our Bumperkluiven campaign. Each food truck got it’s own original name and character. To boost the online promotion of the event, we teamed up with Animate the World who made small stop-motion movies with the trucks. Also the music that is used in the movies was made by Animate the World!

Photographer Ruud van Bragt made a very nice behind-the-scenes documentary of the whole project.

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